Partner post: Why you need monitoring

Authored by Bartek Jazwinski, Product Manager at WebPros.

Monitoring of web assets is an important part of business operations, as it helps businesses mitigate risks and reduce downtime. So what risks can be addressed by monitoring your web assets and Droplets/virtual machines, and what opportunities are there to counter them? In this guest post from DigitalOcean partner WebPros, makers of 360 Monitoring, we explore this topic.

First of all, downtime is expensive. For example, if you manage or own a website with $1M annual revenue, a basic calculation of revenue per hour shows you could lose over $100 of turnover every hour when your website is down.

Of course, what needs to be also counted are lost customers, lost credibility, and the cost of the team working on getting the website working again. With monitoring, you can prevent your company from facing these issues.

Opportunity for you

Opportunity for you

Opportunity for you

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