Introducing Partner Pod, DigitalOcean’s new partner program

Today we are excited to announce the launch of DigitalOcean Partner Pod, our brand new partner program. Partner Pod expands on DigitalOcean’s commitment to partners and offers a new approach to partnerships that enables partners themselves to choose what benefits they receive as a member of the Partner Pod, from discounts and credits to Market Development Funds.

At DigitalOcean, we’re focused on the success of small and medium businesses, and we believe that by working closely with our partners we can both give more SMBs the benefits of DigitalOcean’s simple, cost-effective cloud computing solutions, and also enable our partners to grow their own businesses. DigitalOcean partners today include digital agencies, consultants, DevOps providers, hosting providers, managed service providers, and platform builders, and we are excited to add more partners in the coming months.

By joining Partner Pod, partners gain access to unparalleled support, catered for the needs of their businesses and SMBs. We also offer partners free training and enablement on sales, products and other topics, co-marketing opportunities, and Market Development Funds so they can get help running their campaigns and bring in new customers. All partners will benefit from DigitalOcean’s simple and reliable products, which are built to enable businesses around the globe.

“DigitalOcean is a reliable global infrastructure partner with great security and speed – they offer a true opportunity to help partners go from a generalist to a specialist and become a trusted partner of the SMB world.” – Plesk/WebPros

The Partner Pod aims to empower partners to forge their own path with DigitalOcean, with the flexibility to choose from three business tracks based on the partner’s specific goals and business model. The program is also structured with three different levels – Registered, Engaged, and Strategic – that reflect different stages of partnership maturity and investment.

The tracks include:

  • Advisory Partner: Agencies or eCommerce providers, for example, that advise customers on their IT products and services and refer DigitalOcean.
  • Business Partner: Businesses like managed hosting providers for SMBs, XaaS, cloud aggregators or agencies that sell, add value to, host, manage or supply DigitalOcean solutions.
  • Technology Partner: Companies such as ISVs or developers that innovate, build, and integrate technology using DigitalOcean.

Partners will have their choice of sales rewards, from discount structures to referral fees to DigitalOcean credits. In addition, the new, easy-to-use Partner Experience Platform will serve as the digital portal for useful information, simplified business processes, and stay current on leads, opportunities and accounts. The Partner Experience Platform has the added benefit of providing a way for Pod members to connect with each other.

To apply to become a partner, please visit the Partner Pod webpage. Team up with DigitalOcean today to grow revenue, tamp down operational costs, and help your company thrive. Come make waves with us!