Introducing DigitalOcean Support Plans

Over the years, DigitalOcean has grown alongside our customers. We’re committed to providing the resources builders of all kinds need to succeed, whether they’re individual developers, startups, or SMBs. We also recognize that the needs of our customers are different. Learners who are using our platform to test ideas and grow their skills have markedly different needs than builders who are using DigitalOcean to develop and launch innovative products. Different still are the needs of SMBs and other scalers utilizing multiple DigitalOcean products to support rapid growth and large customer bases.

We’ve heard from many customers building mission-critical applications who are interested in higher levels of support from DigitalOcean. To further the support we provide customers at all stages of their journeys, we’re excited to introduce DigitalOcean Support Plans. DigitalOcean Support Plans provide a way for those with urgent needs to receive the support that they need when they need it, while still continuing to provide the same high-quality free support that DigitalOcean customers have come to expect.

DigitalOcean is known for its excellent support. Whether through online resources like community or docs, or our responsive and reliable support team, customers frequently cite support as one of the reasons why they choose DigitalOcean. In addition to our robust free support plan, we’re excited to announce the addition of two higher-level support plans, which will ensure that those with urgent inquiries get even faster responses from our team.

Support tiers

Paid support is now offered in two plans:

  • The Standard plan offers a 2-hour response SLO with support provided through email.
  • The Premium plan offers a 30-minute response SLO with support provided through email, Slack, and Google Hangouts. Premium support participants also receive the benefit of a Technical Account Manager and Customer Success Manager.

Free support will still be available with no changes, and includes a 24-hour response SLO through email, in addition to always-free access to our wide range of documentation, tutorials, and community-generated questions and answers.

Current customers interested in upgrading their support plan can view more details and instructions on opening a support ticket on this page.

We want to enable developers using DigitalOcean to get started easily, test out their next idea quickly, and ultimately create software that changes the world. From Droplet virtual machines to App Platform, our Platform as a Service offering, and Managed Kubernetes, we provide the tools you need to build and grow your applications. You can sign up for a DigitalOcean account here.