DigitalOcean launches Partner Directory

DigitalOcean is happy to announce the launch of our new Partner Directory. The Partner Directory provides both companies and current customers, as well as DigitalOcean teams, with the ability to find DO partners with the expertise and technical skills to help solve their business problems. With the help of DigitalOcean partners in a range of industries, implementing projects and workloads on DigitalOcean just got even easier.

DigitalOcean Partners offer a wide range of expertise that can be very useful to companies looking to move onto DigitalOcean, or grow their infrastructure as they scale their business. Partners span areas such as web development/hosting/management, migration or DevOps services, Kubernetes, e-commerce, application development, and even infrastructure management. Our partners have developed these skill sets through multiple projects with DigitalOcean customers, and have the depth of knowledge in our products to make for smooth sailing in your DigitalOcean journey!

DigitalOcean customers or those interested in exploring DigitalOcean can search the Partner Directory by expertise area, or they can find a local partner who is versed in the language and policies of a specific country. You can also see detailed views of each partner’s expertise and skills, and examples of the typical projects done by a specific partner. DigitalOcean users can connect with partners directly using the contact form to explore the project work more thoroughly.

DigitalOcean has a wide range of partners around the world that are ready and able to assist companies of all sizes with their business needs. We’re excited to launch the Partner Directory so all of our users can get more benefit from our skilled partners who can help you grow your business on DigitalOcean.

Interested in becoming a DigitalOcean partner? Learn more about the Partner Pod and how to become a partner today!.